- We get the goods from the Seller to the Dock -

2 Points Connect

On Your Behalf We Shop, Buy, Pack & Transport Your Goods Here State Side

Our Heart
  We here at know all to well the struggle of trying, buying & transporting new & used musical instruments & goods sold here in the states across the seas to your home. Over the years we've help our friends & family members scattered all over the Caribbean avoid most of the pressures, stresses & disappointments of over seas shopping by being a reliable CONNECT here state side.

The Problem is...
  What you want is here in America, but you're over there...
That usually means that a breakdown in communication is emanate between you & your seller, the likelihood of you receiving the wrong item increases, you may end up wasting your money &/or worst of all, end up begging a friend visiting the States to try and stuff your goods in their carry on bag...

Our Solution...
We work with you to get your purchased Musical Instruments & Goods shipped from Point A ( America), to Point B (your Country's dock/port).


FOUNDERS Jason Hunter & Grafton Myers
We're just 2 Island Boys working to Connect the Caribbean to the Musical Instruments & Goods they want to buy sold here in the United States. ( Florida )

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We get the goods from the Seller to the Dock

Maximize Your Purchasing Power with 2PointsConnect as your state side shopping reps. We make sure that when you buy Stateside, you get the right item(s) & pay the right price & do it all within our Service Zone.

Your State Side Shopping Connect


The steps are simple, you pay us to do what you would have done if you were here.

  • Make a list of your desired item(s).
  • Shop Online from Used Gear Sellers
  • Set a Budget to cover the cost for your goods & our shopping connect service fees
  • Shop Online from a retail store in our Service Zone
  • Ship items to store
  • We'll Retrieve, Package & Transport your goods after our fees are paid

New or Used, We go get it!


Now Connecting you State Side in the counties in which we reside. Dade • Broward • Palm Beach

First Things First!
  Now that you know what we do, get busy searching the web and let us know what you want and where it is.

  When buying used, its always best to "Try Before You Buy". No worries, that's what we're here for. We deal with the seller of your desired item directly - on your behalf. We also negotiate prices to help you save money on your purchases too. FYI * If your newly purchased Used item has parts or complimentary items available for purchasing at a retail store in our area, we can retrieve them for you too.

  When buying new, you can shop online at a store like & have the goods "shipped to store". When you hire us, we pick up the goods & transport them to the shipping company you choose. We'll work out the details of names & pick up instructions once we start a Shopping Connect Contract.

Pay for your goods....


Pay us to work...

Now that you know what you want & where it is, you'll then need to send us some money so we can make the purchases and transport your goods. The best way to send money is to used Western Union. Money sent should be enough to cover the following...

  • Total Cost to Purchase your Goods
  • Packaging Cost -(if necessary )
  • 2 Points Connect Labor & Transport cost

Click the button below to see other ways you maybe able to send money

Money Sending Options

Box it! Ship it!


Once we have the goods, we'll then need to box it up in preparation for export to your country. Your goods will need to be placed into either a cardboard box or taken to a special packaging company for a custom framed wooden box enclosure. If that is the case, consider the following...

  • Custom packaged Goods may need to stay overnight, adding an additional day or two to the overall Shopping Connection process
  • This will result in a much higher cost to cover both the custom packaging and the extra travel & transport of your goods

We will also need the location of the packing company you choose to work with.

Packing Companies (coming soon)

Off to your Dock/Port it goes


Lastly, after your goods are bought & packed, they're now ready to be shipped to you. Our final step in our Shopper Connect contract is taken when we arrive at the doors of the shipping company you choose to ship your items to you for drop off. Here's what we'll need info-wise to complete our Job.

  • State Side Address for your Shipping Company
  • Recipient name / person receiving the items in your Country

We make sure we makes copies of the documents needed for shipping like... Receipts, Invoices, Proofs of Purchases & Package Weight

Shopper Resources & FYI

Please download WhatsApp and have a valid E-mail Adders active so we can communicate effectively.

Our Service Zone   Buying Used Goods?   let's"Shop Connect"

Your Connects

Grafton Myers

Founder - Operations Director

I play instruments. That's what I do, that's what I know... I can help you by sharing my knowledge of what's the best brand to buy, what's a good deal, and ensure that you spend money on items that are worth buying.


Co-Founder / Producer

Consider me your "Tech/Production Connect". Although I am a musician, My knowledge & experience of being a music producer, recording studio engineer, videographer, photographer, web & graphic designer can help me serve you when it come to most things related to music & media production

Grafton Myers & jHunt

2 island boys...

We are Musicians
 Cousins that grew up playing music together in the church. Grafton - who plays the drums, bass, lead, piano & sax - started out playing the drums at age 4. jHunt - who produces, plays keys, drums, bass & lead guitar - didn't cross over to the musician side until he was about 8 years old. They both share a love for music, helping people & doing so to glorify the heavenly Father.

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